"The reason why we have "these people" who we must not mention [black people] is that if you read the Bible, the Curse of Ham explains it all"
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, March 23, 1941
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVIII in 1940

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII was the most ugliest white supremacist in the family.

The race relations between the pure-white Bismarck family and people of non-white descent are extremely complicated. The Bismarck family has a long (and proud to several members) history of white supremacy against those who are non-white. Since the colonial and exploration age, the Bismarck family supported (and still support today in 2019) slavery over non-whites. In the United States, the Bismarcks who do live in America still consider African Americans as "stolen property" in the year 2019.  

Interracial marriage is widely discouraged in the family for two reasons, to those Bismarcks who are racists, the idea of racial intermarriage is a threat to the "white ancestry" of the Bismarcks, while to those of the family who aren't racists discourage interracial marriage to avoid family conflict and to prevent being disowned by the family, lose family inheritance, and be removed from the family tree.  

Those of the Bismarck family who condemn white supremacy refuse to stand up to the racist faction of the family because they fear being disowned by the family, being removed from the family tree, which would result in those members being reduced to poverty by losing family inheritances.  

In 1987, Leopold Elliott Bismarck secretly married a black woman, Jennifer Victoria Blackwood, a member of the Blackwood family, and the entire Bismarck family know nothing of this interracial marriage due to fears of a family backlash that would lead to a disownment, being removed from the family tree, and lose financial connection with the family.  

History Edit

Before 1492 Edit

The Bismarck Family was 1,000 years old in the 15th century. The Bismarck Family's history of antisemitism, racial or religious, have steamed and it still steams the family up to the 21st century.

1492 - 1783 Edit

Since the New World was discovered by Christopher Columbus (the Americas), and others, Europeans learned of Indigenous peoples of the new world continents they discovered. The Europeans broadened their sails to Africa and had slave trades with African Kingdoms until the Euro-African slave trade destabilized to the point the Europeans enslaved purely all Africans for being Black. The Bismarcks became part of the Colonial and Slave Trade, thus enriching themselves for the first time.

An Enriching Bismarck family Edit

Before the rise of Slavery over Native Africans (Blacks), the Bismarcks weren't rich at all, they were just peasants, and others of them were just members of the Catholic Church clergy. The 16th Century Bismarcks started getting jobs in the Slave Trade and began buying slaves, enriching their farms and became aristocrats. 17th Century Bismarcks began moving to the Americas to further enrich the family internationally.

Colonial Era until the American Revolution Edit

The Bismarcks enjoyed colonial life in both Europe and the Americas.