Throughout Chawosaurian History and Society, Racism is extremely widespread, both socially and systemically. Despite the Chawosaurian Government passed the Civil Rights Act of 2017, Racism still has a strong grip on Chawosaurian Society, making the Civil Rights Act unpopular among 99% of Chawosaurians. Chawosauria is a racially divided nation since 2017, but Racial tensions are strong among Chawosaurians regardless of race. Interracial Marriage is both unpopular widespread and illegal widespread.

Racial discrimination is widespread among all racial communities in Chawosauria, Social Darwinism has a strong grip on Chawosaurian Society.

History Edit

As Racism has a long history, Racism overtook Chawosauria in the Age of Colonialism. The Chawalliankalitans were disgusted by the skin color of the European Settlers. The Chawalliankalitans passed laws against Miscegenation and Interracial Marriage. Racism became popular in the 1900s to the 1920s.

Popularity of Racism in Chawosauria Edit

In 2018, polls say 90 to 99% of Chawosaurians (regardless of race) hold racist views on other racial communities. 3 to 5% of Chawosaurians hold non-racist views. On February 7, 2018, a nationwide poll say that 70% of Chawosaurians disagree with DKA's liberal racial policies. On the same day, 95% of Chawosaurians do not approve DKA's ethnicity.

Racism in Politics Edit

Racism is so widespread in Chawosaurian Politics, 100% of Chawosaurian Politicians have racist viewpoints even against each other. In local governments in Chawosauria, racist violence against each other happens so often, Investigative Commissions are often formed, only 96% of failed conviction attempts and 3% of successful convictions.

Racism in Religion Edit

Racism is extreme in the Religious Communities in Chawosauria. Christian Chawosaurians often use the bible as an excuse to segregate and commit violence against different races.