Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, was a deviant psychopath who committed criminal things, such as murder, stealing, rape, and threatening, Timothy was arrested before, and served harsh penalties, Timothy's psychopathy was so deviant, he used prejudice and hatred to get what he wants and used violence to achieve the goals of political, sexual and wrath desires.

Childhood Edit

Timothy grew up in Oregon, the western part of the united states, born to Native Americans who were being assimilated into European Fashion, and were Christianized also, but Timothy, he showed signs of aggression and misbehavior, Timothy had Amorality, which is the lack of morality, he believed in god and tried to pray for his immoral sins, but still continued his aggression, in his teens, he showed aggressive anger and attitudes, he showed Antisemitic, Racist and Jealousy and Creed, Timothy was creedy, mean and prejudiced, he showed offensive attitudes towards women, minorities and immigrants, quoting them as "infurier" to society, Timothy became interested in politics in 1923, but he preferred Far Right Politics, which he preferred prejudice in politics rather than Liberalism and Progressivism or Conservatism, Timothy showed Demagogue Political Examples.

Timothy campaigned for Communism, Anarchy at once, which was called "Anarchist Communism", and he opposed Government, Law and Order, Timothy showed signs of anger and depression due to Capitalism and Government Power, and he was still deviant due to society.

Criminal Activity Edit

Timothy committed murder, rape and violence, he was very jealous towards the people he viewed were better than he was, which he enforced his jealousy by murder, Timothy murdered over his sexual desires he lusted over, murdered for respect and power and murdered for people following his own orders.

Years in Political Power Edit

Once in Political Power, Timothy was very ambitious, and showed signs of hatred and paranoia, Timothy used Fascism, Anti-Statism and Authoritarianism to control his people in an ambitious manner, he used prejudice and fear to win power, by committing demagoguery and he was very narcissistic.

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