Anatomy of the Brain

The Psychology of Chawosauria is the study of the Chawosaurian Brain and how it affects behavior. Psychological studies show that Chawosaurians' Amygdalas are larger than humans, causing them to have extreme fear, more active in politics, have huge sex egos, and many of them have Bipolar disorder.

Timothy Max Roosevelt, as smart he was, used this psychology for political gain, and ended up persecuting Psychologists, creating Narcissistic Personality Disorder among Chawosaurians and used Narcissism to persecute his political enemies.

History Edit

Psychological Effects of European Colonialism Edit

Chawosaurians were victimized by European Imperialism, which sparked Narcissism, and Antisocial Personality Disorders, PTSD, and gave their political leaders to advantage themselves with the Psychological effected Chawosaurians. European culture sparked Chawosaurian reaction manipulated by their mental disorders triggered by the First Brutal War, and the mental disorders became part of Chawosaurian genetics as Chawosaurians continued to produce offspring.

Creation of Chawosaurianism Edit

Timothy Portrait

Timothy Max Roosevelt permanently manipulated the Chawosaurians' social attitudes on the World by using their mental disorders ingredienated by the First Brutal War.

Chawosaurianism is the nationalism and racism of Chawosaurians, the original secret ingredients are Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and PTSD, which was used by Timothy Max Roosevelt to manipulate the Chawosaurians for power.

Timothy used the 1975 Federal Election as a great opportunity to come to political power to himself. Timothy notably scapegoated Christians for Chawosaurian voters, and was very successful, earning him an upset landslide. Once Timothy came to power, he actually persecuted Christians with Section 126 and Christians have been scapegoated by demagogues for decades since then.

Demagoguery Edit

Chawosaurians, as part of their genetic disorders, enjoy politicians who demagogue Christians as scapegoats because it feeds their depression, and concerns, and their beliefs. Christians are the largest minority group who gets blamed for every problem of Chawosauria, although not all problems are caused by Christians.

21st Century and the Rise of Millennials Edit

As the 21st Century begins with the Millennial Generation entering adulthood, Chawosaurian Millennials are generally not affected by the demagogue and narcissistic disorders of their parents, leading to the realignment from Timothian Communist rhetoric and Chawosauria improving their Civil Rights record in the minorities' favor. Chawosaurianism began to fade.

Chawosaurian Millennials' left-wing politics are not similar to their parents and would lead to a change in Chawosaurian left-wing politics. George Windsor's influence on Millennials is growing.

The Elections of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, Jacob Grifasi, and Degotoga K. Atagulkalu gave birth to the Millennial Fire Wall, a political voting bloc similar example to the "Solid South" where Millennials are the dominant generation of people.