In Chawosauria's political system, the Prime Minister of the Empire of Chawosauria (also known as the Premier of Chawosauria) is the presiding officer of the Chawopolis Palace (if the Prime Minister holds the speakership) and the second-ranking head of state of the Empire of Chawosauria after the Supreme Leader of the Empire of Chawosauria.

The Prime Minister is second in command of the Chawosaurian Imperial Forces, and the Prime Minister reports to the Supreme Leader. The Prime Minister has nominated by the Supreme Leader and elected by the Chawopolis Palace. The term length of the Prime Minister is 9-10 years, and there are no term limits, the Supreme Leader, if satisfied with the Prime Minister's first term performance, can re-nominate the Prime Minister.

Frederick William Schwartz and Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII are the only two Prime Ministers who served as Prime Minister for more than one term, while seven Prime Ministers failed to achieve a second term, and the eighth Prime Minister who will serve a first term by 2020 will or could attempt to win a second term, if this was achieved by 2030, MacCarthy will be the first Prime Minister since Bismarck in 1950 (80 years) to surpass a first term. No woman has yet occupied the Premier's Office.

Which has never happened before, the Prime Minister can be impeached by the Chawopolis Palace for high crimes and misdemeanors, including serious crimes including corporate bribery, or any kind of bribery, and in other means, treason. The Supreme Leader must approve the impeachment via employment termination (firing), and if the Supreme Leader chooses to, have the former Prime Minister imprisoned.