In Chawosaurian Politics, the President of the Chawosaurian Comrade Council (widely referred to as the Comrade President) is the leader of the Comrade Provinces of Chawosauria. The duties of the Comrade President is to serve the orders of the Supreme Leader of Chawosauria, organize the Chawosaurian Government, and command the Comrade Senators and Representatives of the Chawosaurian Comrade Council, a legislative body that doesn't have the authority to pass legislation, but to address the issues concerning the Chawosaurian People in the Chawopolis Palace, and having the Comrade President as the top representative of the Comrades. There are no term limits for the Comrade President, Wawetseka Sequoia MacKenzie served for four terms, and her son, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII is serving his third term.

It was founded by Wawetseka Sequoia MacKenzie in 1984, and Timothy Max Roosevelt established it in 1985.