In Chawosaurian Society and Culture, A Potensprinceps (Latin for "Powerful Ruler") also an Alternative Chawosaurian, (commonly known as a Rich Alter) is a Chawosaurian Wealthy and Powerful Elitist who resides the Alt-Rich, a Class of Rich Chawosaurians who make money and profits by either committing or connecting themselves with other Rich Alters who are Mobsters, Gangsters, Criminals, Rapists, Bribers, Kleptocrats, Murderers, Money Launderers, Oligarchs, Prostitutes, and Human and Drug Traffickers. Rich Alters are very Corrupt and very Powerful. Chawosaurian Law doesn't regulate their power due to their Powerful Corruption, but due to Chawosauria's Strongly Strict Socialist Laws, they can't interfere with Chawosauria's Democratic System like American Corporations legally can with the Democratic System in the United States.

Definition of "Potensprincipes" Edit

Potenprincipes are a class of highly Corrupt Chawosaurian Billionaire and Millionaire Elites who either committed or connect themselves with other Rich Alters who committed the crimes of Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Gangster Activity, Bootlegging, Murdering, Assaulting, and Raping others.

Potensprinceps Politics Edit

Potensmutares and Potensloremes are the highest top to top Criminals of the Potensprinceps Family. The Potensmutares' goals are Political Power, they are Alters searching for Political Power to legally committee crimes without the fear of persecution, they are Politically Diverse by Political Party or Political Spectrum. Potensloremes are Elitists, they practice Right-Wing Populism to achieve Political Power and suppress the rights of others, mainly the Poor and the Working Class.

Due to Chawosauria's tough Campaign Finance Laws, the Potensprinceps can't intervene nor donate to Chawosaurian Politicians. They can't bribe the Chawosaurian Government at all, but they can run for office.

Purges against the Poor and the Working Class Edit

Potensprincipes purge the Working Class, mostly the poor. They steal from them by tricking them, and or also killing them. As Rich Alters, they committed crimes against the poor.

Interactions with others and each other Edit

Potensprincipes or Rich Alters are not friendly to interact, they are Racists, Classists, Sexists, and they'll rape anyone who interacts with them regardless of age or gender. They're Anarchists socially, not politically, they're diverse with Political Beliefs. Their relationship with the poor and the middle class is really not well.

Rich Alters do interact with each other, but not in a friendly manner, they fight, kill each other, and financially bankrupt each other by playing legal tricks on each other.

Narcissism Edit

Narcissism is very unheard of in Chawosaurian Society, so is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It is clear that Medical Investigations Organizations of Sragonia all diagnose Chawosauria's Rich Alters of having Narcissistic Personality Disorders of any kinds due to each symptom they show.

Many Rich Alters are Narcissists, which is why lots of them are seeking Power, Political or other.

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