In Chawosaurian Society, a Potenslorem (Latin for "Powerful Elite") is a Chawosaurian Elite in Political Power. Unlike a Potensmutare, Potenslorems are very and fare unfriendlier than Potensmutares. Part of the Potensprinceps Family, they have corrupt power.

Politics Edit

Potensloremes are mostly or solidly Conservative due to Tax Cuts and Deregulation of the Rich. Potensloremes are Rich Individuals who are demanding to dismantle the rights of others because of one's race, gender, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, and most importantly, Economic Class. Potensloremes abuse and abandon the poor and the working class because Potensloremes are just careless and they enjoy committing cruelty against others they dislike.

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