In Chawosaurian Society and Culture, a Potensinfigen (Latin: Potens Infigens for "Powerful Impaler") or a Gothic Chawosaurian is a rare Chawosaurian Alter, they are the King of Killers, the fact that they are rare makes them the most feared because they murder unexpectedly without showing any physical appearance, Potensinfigens stay and or hide in the closet to cause a Moral Panic or simply just spread widespread fear for "Delicious" Victims. Potensinfigens are bloodthirsty cannibals who only prefer to drink blood for revenge, but they just don't do cannibalism, they only murder for revenge. A plurality of Potensinfigens kills to simply just drink their victim's blood. However, Potensinfigens are Vampirists, they practice Vampirism to breakout fear to feed on their power. Potensinfigens are the most Gothic Chawosaurians.