In the series of Chawosauria, Posthumans (or Utopian Humans) are a separatist utopian society of humans where there are no political and religious conflicts. Posthumans do not want to associate themselves with Human society. Posthumans are a multicultural and multiracial society where a utopia is completely absolute and aim to avoid Human destruction and society.

History Edit

Medieval Era Edit

Posthumans first began in the Medieval Ages, Medieval Posthumans are the original ancestors of the Modern Posthumans. They saw Medieval society as too primitive and demand to create their own society. Posthumans often faced persecution and torture.

Renaissance Era Edit

see: Golden Age of Posthumans
The Renaissance was known to Posthumans as the "Golden age of Posthumans" and they enjoyed the rise of Science and rebirth of Roman and Greek culture. Posthumans were polymaths and the rise of Humanism began their new beginning.