The Chawosaurian Democratic Party is a Big Tent Direct Democratic, Economic Nationalist and Populist Party that fights for Direct Democracy, it was currently founded in 2015 as the "Chawallian Democratic Party" and was joined by the "Chawallian Republican Party".

The Party itself was inspired by the Andrew Jackson Style United States Democratic Party and became more of a new party. DKA is the Andrew Jackson of the Chawosaurian Democrats. The Party went from the Left Wing to the Big Tent.

In the Special Election, they won their first government coalition.

With DKA announcing his resignation by the end of 2019, DKA will lose power over his own parties including this one.

With the fast growth of the Millennial generation and Chawosauria drastically changing, the party adopted the "Millenarian Manifesto" a political manifesto and strategy based on Millenarianism.

After the death of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu in March 2019, Charles Muskie took over as Leader of the Party.

2017 National Platform Edit

Approved by the Chawosaurian Democratic Convention.

  1. The Chawosaurian Democrats are determined to build a Democracy based on a Functioning People. We support Direct Democracy, which it's Democracy that depends on the Say of the People, not the government on passing laws. Referendums and Initiatives are the goals of Democracy, although we support the Rule of Law, Checks, and Balances, the Parliamentarian System, we support the Multipartisan System, including Independents' rights to be elected and serve their constituents, Chawosaurian Representarives and Senators can have Constituents, but a Federal Constituent is the People, after passing a law by both House and Senate, it must be approved by the People last, we're talking about Referendums.
  2. Laws are tobe approved by people, not government, the government can pass a law, but in order for the law to truely pass, it must be approved by the people by Referendum Power.
  3. Democracy is not just a Right, it's a Responsibility for a Citizen who votes, the Right to Vote is earned regardless of race, ancestry, heritage, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, national origin.
  4. A Citizen wanting to vote must be Criminal Record Free, a Clean Mentality Record, Progressive Intellect, Well School Grades, Well Behavior Reputations.

History Edit

2016-2018 Edit

The Chawosaurian Democratic Party was founded in 2016 by Abooksigun Eluwilussit, Adsila Ahyoka, and DKA, the party was meant to create the same Social Liberal Movement similar to the U.S. Democratic Party, but the Party has overgone their own direction against the wishes of their founders. The Party became an Economic Nationalist (pro-tariff, protectionism) and a Direct Democracy Party. The Party also became a Racial Nationalist Party. Like the U.S. Democratic Party, the party is a big-tent party.

2018-2019 Edit

The Chawosaurian Democratic Party now has some levels of power in the Chawosaurian Government, preparing to suppress some minorities, Irish Chawosaurians, Jewish Chawosaurians, and Catholic Chawosaurians, and other minorities. Nothing would change for LGBT Chawosaurians.

Within four months, they lost a seat in a special election in California, and thereby, not holding on a tit majority. Suffered from massive defeats in the 2018 elections, and lost the monarchy to the Death of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu in March 2019. Charles Muskie replaced DKA as the party leader. Immediately after taking office, Charles Muskie used the party to expand his power and influence.

2019-present Edit

Known as the Muskie Era in the party's history, Muskie used his power and influence to shift the party to the right. Endorsing Far-Right political positions when it comes to immigration and center-right political positions in terms of economic issues. Muskie enacted the Go Big Or Go Home Policy to pressure the religious faction of the party to switch from religious to irreligious or leave the party.