Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII is widely described as a Social Democrat. Following the ideas of Socialism and Capitalism, he constantly condemns and mocked Anarchism by calling it "fake news". He is described as a Left Wing Populist, believing in Left-Wing Nationalism, he tackled his positions on Foreign Policy based on Non-Interventionism, blaming the United Nations for not addressing the Environment, accusing them of caring about war more than caring about the environment, widely known to criticize International Policies and condemned the War in Iraq and along with Some Libertarian Viewpoints, condemning the War on Drugs and regarding his Libertarian Opponent, Christopher Onassis, calling him a criminal because of his Anarchism. Bullying his opponents, Richard Nelson, Johnathan Rockefeller, Joshua Warlock, Micheal Warlock, and even Warren Wallace.

History Edit

Johnathan started out as Republican, praising Anti-Government Processes and was more in line with the Libertarian Republican ideology, praising Anarchist Gun Freedom and more.

Social Issues Edit

Civil Rights Edit

Montgomery has mostly a good record on Civil Rights except for the Russian Exclusion Act of 2017.

Montgomery was forced by his family to veto a Jewish Civil Rights Law because of his Antisemitic Family, supporting LGBT Rights, Muslim Rights. Supporting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Reproductive Rights Edit

Montgomery's views on Abortion Rights are conflicting, religiously not on board with Reproductive Rights for women because he views Abortion as incompatible with Christian Values, but has a Libertarian stance, Johnathan can be a Libertarian on some Political Situations.

Freedom of Speech Edit

A Libertarian Standard on Social Issues, Montgomery often describes himself as a Social Libertarian.

Cannabis Legalization Edit

Montgomery supports Cannabis Legalization and also other Drug Legalizations as well, but a tax with it.