Phineas Nicholas Blazkowics (b. January 20, 1920) is the warden of the Penitentiary Continent of Antarctica since January 3, 1945. He is known for his cruel, unusual, and inhumane torturous methods to punish inmates and use inmates for scientific experimental purposes. Member of the Blazkowics Family. Phineas is easily compared to a Nazi experiment scientist, Josef Mengele known for his inhumane experiments on Jewish prisoners residing in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, one of Hitler's horrible camps.

Early Life (1920-1945) Edit

Phineas was born on January 20, 1920, during the Russian Civil War to a military serving family, he was three years old when the Russian Civil War ended. Phineas lived under the Stalin Era (1924-1953) and graduated from Moscow State University in 1943.

Warden of Antarctica (1945-present) Edit

Chawosauria established Antarctica as a prison continent for murders, violent criminals, pedophiles, and rapists. Phineas was nominated by Santiago and was approved by the House of Dynasties in 1944. On January 3, 1945, he took office as warden.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment Edit

Phineas in charge of the Concentration Camps of Antarctica laid out torturous methods for prisoners for security guards to follow. Phineas asked the Chawopolis Palace to pass a law against prisons feeding inmates. The law successfully passed and became effective. Prisoners having tobe locked up in big freezers.