In Chawosauria, Satanism is subjected to severely widespread persecution and hysteria from Chawosaurians.

Satanism is a group of philosophical beliefs and sometimes actual practices of cults surrounding the devil. Notable people who practice this cult are people who are devil worshippers, people who are Atheists, even though they don't believe in the devil or hell, and sometimes Wiccans. But in Chawosauria, as a result of the existence of this cult, Chawosaurians responded to Satanism in a monstrous primitive and inhumane hysterical manner.

When the Communist Party won the entire Chawosaurian Government in the 1975 federal election, the Communist Party immediately passed Section 126, an Authoritarian Atheist law that prohibits all beliefs, rituals, and practices respecting the supernatural.

Today, under Chawosaurian law, Satanism is illegal and is punished with death and sometimes medieval-style torture (in some Chawosaurian Provinces). Chawosauria's pure hatred for Satanism leads to Chawosauria refusing to document the population of Satanists who were persecuted and sentenced to death and those who avoided persecution. The Chawosaurian Census Bureau announced on June 17, 2018, that they will add the population of Satanists to Chawosauria's total population, nor would count the population of Satanists who live in Chawosauria.

Chawosaurians who are Christianophobic often accuses Christians of being Satanists. 70% of Chawosaurians believe Christianity is a Satanic Cult rather than an Abrahamic Religion.