In Chawosauria (part of Chawosauria's free speech record) Anarchists are subjected to mass hysteria and persecution for their political beliefs (politically, systemically, institutionally, socially, and legally) because of fears among Chawosaurians, Chawosaurians stereotype Anarchists of wanting to spread Satanism and other Dark Magic Cults all across Chawosauria, eventhough Chawosauria is not a very religious nation. 

Chawosaurians were taught in school that Anarchists engage in Pedophilia, Satanic rituals revolving around sex, and wanting to crush social religious morals and irreligious ethics. Chawosaurians believe Anarchists are the enemy of reason, rationality, and empirical thinking as well as religious faith and believing.  

Irreligious and Religious Chawosaurians all fear Anarchism and its expansion. Discrimination against Anarchists is experienced by Anarchists 100% of their lives. They were subjected to violence, rape, and hate speech.