The Penitentiary Continent of Antarctica (widely referred to as the Alcatraz Continent) is a Chawosaurian Prison Continent located on the entire uncivilized continent of Antarctica, where the Empire of Chawosauria deports convicted criminals to the freezing lands of Antarctica to Chawosaurian Extermination Camps where torturous death penalties and corporal penalties are practiced, even experiments on criminals. Pedophiles, Rapists, and Violent Criminals are the biggest groups of convicted criminals to be deported and live in torture practicing concentration camps where warm does not exist and food and water are not legally provided for prisoners, under Chawosaurian Law, it is illegal for Penitentiaries to feed Sexual and Violent Inmates.

The Prison Continent was founded by Timothy Max Roosevelt, in 1941. Established by Santiago in 1945.

Under Permanent Order 34569, it is also the testing site of Chawosauria's biological weapons, where Chawosauria will actually test those biological weapons on Pedophiles, part of their new capital punishment procedure.

History Edit

As Gangs and Thugs ruled the streets of Chawosauria, Timothy Max Roosevelt suggested a harsher prison for thugs, gangsters, pedophiles, and rapists. Timothy's idea was to establish a prison continent. Timothy was inspired by the History of Australia. Australia, under British rule, was a prison colony. Timothy demanded to turn Australia into a prison continent. In 1941, Timothy founded the penal continent. On January 3, 1945, Santiago approved the establishment of the continental prison. Since then, Antarctica became the most feared prison. Concentration Camps were constructed, 415 prison camps were constructed and opened. The Santiago Monarchy appointed Phineas Blazkowics, a Soviet-born Chawosaurian as Warden of the Prison Continent on the same day of January 3, 1945 and still reigns the continent now.