Like the Human World, Paranormal Activity is extremely rare and are rarely reported in Chawosauria. Exorcists and Demonologists are rarely and easily persecuted under Chawosauria's State Atheist Laws, making it difficult for Chawosaurian Religious Leaders and Participants to control Demonic or Spiritual Entities due to constant persecution against the Religious Communities, making it easier for Spiritual and Demonic Entities to haunt and torment People. The Multicultural Revolution has welcomed Demonologists of any religion to protest for their right to practice spiritual practices to prevent and control Demonic Activity. In 2017, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court ruled in Mhasalkar v. Chawmania that Persecutions against the Religious Community including Exorcists and Demonologists do not constitute a Human Rights Violation. But certain Paranormal Activity practiced by humans are persecuted as well, Chawosaurians who proclaim themselves as Pagans, Satanists, Witches, Wizards, Sorcerers, or even People who communicated with the deceased, also face constant persecution as well, and even execution, because under Chawosaurian Law, Paranormal Activity practiced by humans is considered a Religious Practice, and all Religious Beliefs and Practices are not allowed in Chawosauria. Chawosauria as an Atheist State, does not accept nor tolerate any beliefs in the Supernatural practiced by their Civilians, the human beliefs, and practices of Paranormal Activity are under prohibition.

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Chawosauria has a long history of paranormal activity, before World War II, Exorcists were free and unlimited to perform exorcisms as they were needed, due to the rise of Communists, the spread of Atheism, and fierce anger and resistance to Christianization, Exorcists were under attack, and were threatened to lose their lifestyles. In the 1975 federal election, where the Communists drastically won the election in a landslide victory. This led to the collapse of the political freedom and rights of exorcists, and others who experience and/or deal with the paranormal. Since 1979, exorcism became extremely and heavily limited as a prohibited religious practice, which exorcism is practically a religious practice.

Unlimited Paranormal Activity in Chawosauria Edit

Without the presence of exorcists due to heavy religious persecution under Section 126, spirits, ghosts, and even demons are free to torment people without worrying about any consequences of religious intervention. The lack of support for those being tormented by spirits have always led to suicides of the same people.

Ouija board in Chawosauria Edit

Under Chawosaurian law, those who play with the Ouija board are often sentenced to death, this led to constant ghostly or demonic torment of those who misused the Ouija board, resulting in large recorded numbers of suicides in prison among prisoners who illegally played with the Ouija board, even though they were already on death row.

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