In Chawosaurian Society, Pacificans are Chawosaurians who reside the Pacific Ocean. A Plan to break away from Chawosauria, the Chawosaurian Province of the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Oceania of Australasia, would demand independence, but at the same time during the Chawosaurian Civil War, loyal to the Chawosaurian Empire against the Bismarckians. Creating the Pacifican Nation. In the 1975 Federal Election, Pacificans voted for Timothy Max Roosevelt with a 99% margin. Pacificans were part of the Cold War Coalition until the 2009 Legislative Elections and have voted Anti-Communist since then. In the 2017 Special Election, Pacificans have voted for Degotoga K. Atagulkalu in a 70% margin. Pacificans are less affected by the Great Patriotic War.