Ouija board

Ouija Board

"If your father were here today, he'd kill you two for playing with the Devil's board, but to be fair, it is impressive that you two played it exactly the way it is meant to be played."
Elissa Mary Lincoln expressing her anger towards her two sons, Garfield Lucas Webster II, and Severus Kaiser Webster in 1956.
"The Spirit Board is the curse on our world. Only an idiot would play with this death board"
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII
"Too many stupid, inbred minded people believe the Spirit Board is real. It's just a wooden piece of junk that people buy from a toy store"
Timothy Max Roosevelt

Under Chawosaurian Law, possessing an Ouija board is a serious capital offense punishable with Waterboarding, Involuntary Euthanasia, Electrocution, or worse.

The Ouija board is a ritual item that looks like a board game (which it is) used to communicate with the souls of those who passed away, recently or a long time ago. There are rules on how to play but allegedly those who either ignored, or forgot the rules (due to immaturity, ignorance, curiosity, or just being naive) had to face paranormal consequences, and they're often pretty worse than imagined. The Ouija board is also pretty tricky to play, when contacting a spirit, not only opening a door between the living and the unliving between the player(s), and the spirit(s), more than one spirit, especially demons, would end up escaping the spirit world, and ended up tormenting the living, for example, a person whose mother passed away two weeks, wanted to say goodbye because he never had a chance to farewell her before she passed away, and used an Ouija board to conjure her to speak with her for the last time, the attempt to conjure a spirit was successful, but the spirit the person conjured wasn't his mother, but a demon, showing how tricky playing with an Ouija board can be.

Ouija board rules Edit

Do Not Do this or that Edit

  1. Do not burn the Ouija board.
  2. Don't ask if the spirit you conjured was evil.
  3. Don't play while you're sick.
  4. Don't play alone.
  5. Don't Infuriate the conjured spirit.
  6. Don't play at home.
  7. Don't think it's like playing checkers.
  8. Don't leave the board planchette.

Do this or that Edit

  1. Always say "goodbye" when finished playing the game.
  2. Show respect to the spirit you conjured.
  3. Play it at a non-spooky place.
  4. Play the game with positive energy.
  5. No electronics.
  6. No distractions and noises.

Probably Not a good idea to Edit

  1. Play at a cemetery.

Consequences Edit

When not following the rules, or some, there are people who will think the board game is a joke, but they might wanna think again.

Notable Chawosaurians who played the Ouija board Edit

Chawosaurians who played the Ouija board before.

Chawosaurians who successfully played the game Edit

  • Degotoga K. Atagulkalu and Adsila Ahyoka played the game orderly, but their parents weren't happy with this and their mother whooped them for it, and grounded them for the summer. DKA's father gave DKA quit a beating that made his nose bled until he was 18 in 1968.
  • Jonathan Brunswick and Frederick Brunswick played the game well and experienced zero paranormal activity, but when their mother discovered the Ouija board in Jonathan's room, she was in severe anger, she held deeply Jewish religious beliefs against the Ouija board, and she forced the boys to read and copy from the Hebrew Bible for the whole summer as punishment.
  • Jonathan L. Bismarck and Nicholas D. Bismarck's Ouija board was discovered by their deeply religious father in 2013 and was angered by it, Nicholas Bismarck was grounded for a whole year, and his older brother, Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II, was already a grown man, Jonathan was afraid to face his father because the Ouija board had his name on it, and it was in Nicholas' room.
  • Jonathan Draco Balewicz and Victoria Ellie Balewicz also came from a deeply religious background with a family of Multiculturalist Paranormal Investigators and Roman Catholic exorcists who work for the Vatican. Their parents were furious as they discovered the Ouija board in Jonathan's room.

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