The Orthodox Tsardom of Kievan Russia of the Slavican Empire was a Christian Theocratic Empire that has lasted from 2014 and dissolved in 2015. The Orthodox Tsardom had exploded out of Chawosauria to overthrow Chawosauria's State Atheism and try to Christianize Chawosauria, but they had to weaken Chawosauria's economy by trade before invasion and war.

The Orthodox Tsardom began their short journey as a nation on July 22, 2014, the origin started when Chawosauria invaded Moscow on June 16, 2013 due to the ambitions of the Chawosaurian Revolution, and has had a huge impact on Chawosaurian Russia, a movement starts when Chawosauria's claim on Russia was that Chawosauria formed Russia for "refusers", a refuser was a person who refuses to live under Chawosaurian Authority, so Chawosauria claimed Russia as a land for Anarchists in 2012. Chawosauria allowed Kievan Russia and Siberia to break free from Chawosauria, but Kievan Russia conquered Siberia, Central Asia and Europe on that same year in 2014, and became the most powerful nation in the Chawosaurian World.

The Orthodox Tsardom had kept their Christian Identity a secret because of Chawosauria's bias against Christians and Christianity, and thanks to that, Chawosauria didn't knew the Orthodox Tsardom was a Christian Nation, the Orthodox Tsardom had declared war on Chawosauria secretly on January 5, 2015, which sparked the true beginning of the Chawosaurian Multicultural Revolution.

Chawosauria discovered that the Orthodox Tsardom was a Christian Theocracy in August 21, 2015, which triggered the Christian Civil Rights Movement on that same day, the Orthodox Tsardom began to fear the worst of Chawosauria's wrath and Chawosauria stopped trading with the Orthodox Tsardom in September of 2015, thanks to the end of the Chawosauria-OTKR Trade, the Orthodox Tsardom started losing lands and strongholds, often to losing them to Chawosauria, the Chawosaurians started taking over most of the empire in November of 2015.

While losing many lands and strongholds, the Orthodox Tsardom resisted Chawosaurian Expansionism, suing Chawosauria in court, but lost in December of 2015, and on December 31, 2015, the Empire collapsed and Chawosauria overtook the whole land.