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Opposition Leadership Election, 1900
531 members of the Conservative Party majority caucus

266 seats needed to win a majority

February 20, 1900
Majority party Minority party
Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson Republicans
Leader Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson Perceval Boleslaus
Party Conservative Party UK U.S. Republican Party
Leader since January 1, 1900 January 26, 1900
Leader's seat United Kingdom United States
Seats won 269 262
Popular vote 1,436,789 1,431,683
Percentage 50.1% 49.9%
Opposition Leader before election
The Opposition Leadership Election of 1900 was an opposition leadership election taking place on February 20, 1900, after the Conservatives (although winning a majority of the Chawopolis Palace) lost the 1899 federal election to Emperor Santiago by a narrow margin.

Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson narrowly won the opposition leadership election over Perceval Boleslaus in a 50.1% - 49.9% margin.