In Chawosaurian Paganism, mostly Chawosaurian Dark Magic, an Oblivious Death, Black Death, or Dark Death is the cessation of a person, both the physical body and his or her soul, caused by the attempted use of Chawosaurian Dark Magic by that same person. For example, a person who attempts to master a death wand will die from an oblivious death as a result of it due to the wand's lack of loyalty to that person or anyone except to its master who died a natural cause, in other words, didn't die at the hands of another sorcerer, disabling the wand from switching allegiances.

It is officially named the Eternal Oblivion Curse and the procedure of obliviously dying is excruciatingly painful and slow. The oblivious death procedure involves your body and soul disintegrating, the procedure is very graphic, when your body disintegrates, your skin cracks and parts of your skin flys to the air, your blood turns to gas and is released to the air, your bones turn to ashes, and your soul does as well.