In the History and Politics of Chawosauria, Emperor Timothy Max Roosevelt nominated Garfield Baldwin on October 20, 2009, to succeed the incumbent prime minister, Joseph Lyons "Joe" Bohmer. On November 26, 2009, Baldwin was unanimously approved by the Chawopolis Palace, and on January 1, 2010, he was sworn in by Timothy Max Roosevelt, his nominator, and boss (until 2011).

Garfield Baldwin was the last prime minister nominated by Timothy Max Roosevelt.

Background Edit

On October 18, 2009, Timothy Max Roosevelt, who was having health problems, was advised that he must either re-nominate Joe Bohmer or nominate a successor for Joe Bohmer, Timothy decided to nominate a successor for Bohmer. Due to Timothy's age-based amnesia, Timothy broke his promise to re-nominate Brooks when he was nominated by Timothy in 1999. Brooks was angry and upset with Timothy that he forgot his promise to re-nominate Bohmer for a second term by 2009. Bohmer reluctantly accepted the reality that his term is running out. When Timothy passed away in 2011, Bohmer refused to attend Timothy's state funeral because of deep anger with Timothy.

Hearings Edit

On October 26, 2009, the Chawopolis Palace held hearings for Baldwin, as Baldwin successfully answered questions from Chawopolian incumbents, many of the Communist Party who will lose re-election in 2009, asked pro-Baldwin questions.

Successful Confirmation Edit

On November 26, 2009, Baldwin was unanimously approved by the Chawopolis Palace. On January 1, 2010, Baldwin was sworn in by his nominator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, whose physical appearance was intense for Baldwin, Baldwin described Timothy's appearance as "So old, so forgetful, looked deadly sick, he was not in good shape".