"The Capitalists promised that they would not do this if they were elected in 2017, they flat out lied to our faces. The Capitalists have allowed the Communist Party to win the 2019 elections, this is such an unforgivable betrayal by the Capitalists. "
—An Angry Capitalist Voter
"The Capitalists' unfortunate incompetence is the holy gift to the Communist Party going into the 2019 national elections, we are so excited to see the Capitalists damned this December over this."
—A Communist Party supporter

 In Chawosauria, the Feudal Hierarchy and Nobility Act of 2019 is a Chawosaurian law that establishes a Feudal Society in Chawosauria. This helped Chawosauria's economy rise from poor to developing, but it angered the Chawosaurian citizenry, hurt the image of the Capitalists going into the 2019 elections, and stonewalled EMK's incumbency advantages into an even weaker position. 

This law was a "glorious" handout to the Communist Party, the Capitalists had an opportunity grab from the Death of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu that they would have ridden on a sympathetic wave, but was dashed by the Capitalists' decision to set up a feudal establishment, which angers the Chawosaurian people and started to have a negative view of Chawosauria's government, which could really hurt the Capitalists' chances to keep the Chawopolis Palace in the 2019 legislative elections.  

The Communist Party, the Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party, and the Green Party voted against the Nobility Act, the Social Democrats and Greens widely criticized both Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XX, for introducing the bill, and EMK for signing the bill into law. The Social Democrats threatened to remove EMK from their caucus, and both the Social Democrats and Greens threatened to replace Bismarck over this bill.  

The Capitalists received a fierce backlash that their Progressive allies outcried against this bill, this ensured a breakup between Liberals and Conservatives in the Capitalist popular electorate, the Social Democratic-Green Party Alliance might replace Bismarck with a more Progressive candidate, and the Communist Party squeezing through the Capitalist breakup between Left-Wingers and Right-Wingers in the coalition.  

Trying to escape the backlash, the Capitalists proposed a desperate ban on Christian refugees from entering Chawosauria to get the minds of the Chawosaurian people off from the Nobility Act to appeal to their Anti-Christian prejudices.