National Sexology Act of 1958 is a Chawosaurian Legislative Order that establishes the National teaching of Human Sexuality and Sexology in all Chawosaurian High Schools. Back when LGBT Chawosaurians didn't have many rights, the legislative order's demand to teach that Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice but a genetic sexual attraction resulted in the expansion of LGBT Rights nationwide in Chawosauria and the widespread societal acceptance for LGBT Chawosaurians in Chawosauria.

Christian Chawosaurians were exposed to this legislative order's teaching laws, resulting in Christian Chawosaurians to be more accepting for LGBT Chawosaurians as well, Chawosauria's Christian communities are very diverse in sexual orientation as a result of this legislative order.

This legislative order is one of Chawosauria's most strongest laws in Chawosaurian History, Social Conservatives have attempted to repeal this order over 20-30 times, and failed each time, the law has become very popular from 1976 to 1996, and in 2018, the approval rating of this legislative order has a 96% approval rating with 3% disapprove, making it solidly impossible for this legislative order to be repealed.