In the Chawosaurian Revolution, the Narnian Revolution, (commonly known as the Narnianation) was an Insurrection of Sragonians, predominately Chawosaurians, who proclaimed themselves the Descendants of a legendary world, Narnia and sought to create their own nation. The reason for the name "Narnia" because it created such a Contrast of Sragonians who believe themselves to practice some kinds of Magic. Under Section 126, a Chawosaurian Law that officially makes Chawosauria an Atheist State which means Persecution, Extermination, and Certain Deportation of Chawosaurians who are Religious, Supernaturalists, Spiritualists, Shamans, Demonologists, Magicians, Multiculturalists, Witches, Wizards, Sorcerors, Exorcists, anyone who believes in or practices the Supernatural in favor of Naturalism, Darwinism, Irreligion, Communism, and the Cult of Personality for a Dictator.