The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1945 has been known by a number of names since the election took place. The name "Red Wave of 1945" is the most popular name in Chawosaurian Politics.

List Edit

Names of the Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1945
1 Red Wave of 1945
2 Red Revolution of 1945
3 Revolution of 45
4 Second Bolshevik Revolution
5 Soviet Wave
6 Stalin's Wave
7 Second Russian Revolution (Russia)
8 Loss of American Independence (United States)
9 Rise of Communism in Chawosauria
10 Birth of Communism in Chawosauria
11 The day Communism comes to Chawosauria
12 The Beginning of the End of Capitalism in Chawosauria
13 Fall of Churchill in Chawosauria (United Kingdom)
14 Rise of Stalinism in Chawosauria
15 Chawosaurian Political Revolution
16 Fall of Christianity in Chawosauria
17 Fall of Conservatism in Chawosauria
18 Clash of Freedom (Canada)
19 Rise of Revolution
20 Communist Realignment of 45
21 1945 Revolution
22 December Revolution of 1945
23 New Years Revolution of 1945
24 World War II Election
25 Cold War Election
26 The First Cold War Election in Chawosaurian History