1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxMultitorture is the branch or a type of Punishments of Timothy that he used to punish his people, Timothy punished his people with death, torture, concentration camps, dissection, famine, even cannibalism, as of Timothy would eat his own people as a cannibalistic character, but sometimes Multitorture is when Timothy Max Roosevelt punishes people with each and every single horrible punishment, he used Flagellation to punish women who committee adultery, disrespect to their husbands, or committee lesbianism and Timothy used Belting (beating) to punish children and he used foot whippings to punish children who failed schools and more, Timothy punishes with death penalty only for men, women cannot be killed but can be whipped or beaten and tortured.

Timothy punished those who condemned him and how he punished condemners, rebels and any other people who are against Timothy, Timothy passed horrible punishments that involves torture by insects, like for example, those who attempt or did assassinated Timothy, the penalty is having leeches sucking blood from the anus and penis, if female, same penalty with the anus and place leeches in the virginal part, those who condemned Timothy, their penalty involves leeches sucking their eyes out and sucking their mouths. Timothy had been very brutal to his enemies and Timothy had a non-insect punishment for rebels, Timothy punished rebels by blowing them up with Nuclear Weapons.

Timothy Max Roosevelt was Chawosauria's evil dark side as parts of the brutal horrible secrets of Chawosauria.