Hillary R. Clinton

Due to Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal, the Scandal is now being used as "Evidence" of why Women as Politicians are now considered a Social Taboo

The Slur "Mrs. Watergate" is a new Sexist Slur originated out of the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, the Slur is being used to attack Female Politicians of Chawosauria and or Outside Chawosauria.  

Hillary Clinton was the first tobe called "Mrs. Watergate" by the Chawosaurians mainly because of her gender. The Chawosaurian Society is not interested in Powerful and Successful Women because it is a Nationalist Taboo, despite Atheist Dominance over Chawosauria.  

The Term "Watergate" was originated from the Watergate Scandal, when U.S. President, Richard Nixon, who was the President of the United States from 1969 to 1974, President, Nixon was paranoid with the Democratic Party, so he ordered the Burglary of the Watergate Complex, a Building in Washington, DC, which still stands today in the 21st Century, and where the Democrats' headquarters was once located.  

History Edit

2016 U.S. Presidential Election Edit

The 2016 US Presidential Election- Minute By Minute

The 2016 US Presidential Election- Minute By Minute

Results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Hillary Clinton was also an unfavored in the election, despite winning the Popular Vote, however, most Americans feared Hillary Clinton's irresponsibilities in her Email Server to closure National Security Information, which was a huge concern despite wasn't illegal, she deleted more emails more than people thought, 30,000 emails both the public and the government believed. The FBI finished their successful investigations and then Hillary Clinton moved on with her life despite losing the election, which many are still wishing she had won.

Chawosaurian Federal Election of 2017 Edit

The Slur was widely used to Disgrace and Discredit women running for office based on their genders, none of the women won any office because the Chawosaurian Public does not side with Women Dominance, which was why the Slur was used.

Transformation of the Slur Edit

In 2017, the Slur became a Solid Sexist Slur targeting Women in general based on their gender, first, it was previously used on Hillary Clinton, now it's being used on All women in Chawosauria in a Discriminatory manner.

Inspirations Edit

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