The Montgomery Organization is a fictional organization as all of Chawosauria are all fiction, like the Trump Organization, it is a big business, unlike the Trump Organization, it treats their employees and costumers very well, but wasn't always this way, when Johnathan Saint Montgomery iii was President of the Organization, Johnathan iii turned the business organization into a Conservative and Laissez Faire Disaster and led to scandals because of creed with money, and the unwillingness to pay workers fair share of wages, but under the Bush Tax Cuts, Montgomery took a bad scandal from 2001 to 2003, which caused the Organization Assembly to replace Montgomery with his daughter, Samantha Amanda Montgomery, and she reversed her father's bankruptcy and scandals, by paying their fair share of wages, and lowering the prizes of items being sold to costumers.

The Organization was founded by Johnathan Saint Montgomery in 1898, because of the Republican Party's support for big business, the organization was transformed into a business from a religious group in the 1920s, but suffered under an economic crash.

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Owned by the Montgomery Family, supported the Republican Party, now supporting the Democratic Party, A Liberal Business in Chawosauria as it is now supporting the interest of Chawosaurian Needs, it became a business organization completely in 2017 under Chawosaurian Recognition, the organization dissolved in the United States because of Donald Trump, and thereby the businessmen and businesswomen of the Organization can't agree with the 58th United States Presidential Election, thereby the Organization in the United States gets ended up collapsing.

This will strengthen Chawosauria's best economic interests and without free trade deals, Chawosauria would use this organization to create jobs for the unemployment, the business wants regulation in a Liberal and Progressive Manner, which Chawosauria agrees, on August 8, 2016.

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Former Monarch, Johnathan Montgomery, founded the Montgomery Organization in the United States as a religious group, but in the 1920s, Montgomery agreed to turn it into a Business Organization, as Montgomery died sometime in 1947 or 1949, the business was strong.

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On January 17, 2017, the Montgomery Business was established by Sharron Lincoln.

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