The Monarchs of ChawosauriaJoseph LopezSamantha WawetsekaAbooksigun Eluwilussit and Malina Parker were Deposed out of power and or denied Coronation because of their Cultural and Genetic Differences, Abooksigun and Joseph Lopez were deposed discriminatory because of their Cultural Backgrounds, Samantha Wawetseka and Malina were denied the right to have Authority because of their genders.

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Joseph Lopez Edit

Joseph Lopez

Joseph Lopez was the first Monarch tobe Discriminated against because of his Cultural Difference.

Joseph Lopez was the first monarch in Chawosauria to face a Discriminatory Dishonorable Deposition and Discharge because of his Islamic Cultural Background, because Lopez is a Muslim, there was massive fear of Muslims across the world, especially across the United States due to the September 11 2001 Attacks and Orlando Attacks.

Chawosauria fears Islam and even bans Islam by law completely, on which persecuting Muslims is widely considered common in Chawosauria and is widely considered a way to keep Chawosauria safe, but the controversial problem with Systemic Islamophobia in the Justice System in Chawosauria is Human Rights, the Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Religion is widely considered a Human Right.

The Persecution of Muslims is controversial because of the Persecution of Little Children who are being raised by Muslim Families, as the Persecution of Children for no good reason except because of the type of family they have, the Controversy would spark Social Attitudes.

Samantha Wawetseka Edit

Samantha Wawetseka

Samantha Wawetseka was deposed out of power because she was a woman.

Samantha Wawetseka was deposed and replaced because of her gender, the Chawosaurian Government had a problem with A Woman in Charge and in Chawosauria, it is widely considered "Uncommon" and is Abominable against Chawosaurian Manhood.

The Chawosaurians are Masculinists and demanded Male Dominance, not Female Dominance.

Most Chawosaurians voted for Samantha Wawetseka because of her bulldog leadership in the Chawallianity Renaissance, but they voted in an Referendum to depose her because most of her voters and supporters disapproved her gender.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit Edit

Abooksigun Eluwilussit (2016)

Abooksigun Eluwilussit was deposed out of power because of his Native American Ancestry and Heritage.

Abooksigun Eluwilussit was deposed out of power because of his Cultural and Ethnic Background as an Algonquian Indian Native American, which most Chawosaurians disapproved and punished him by trial and kicked Abooksigun and his wife out by Voting him and his wife out of power.

The Shame of Discrimination is widely not realized among most Chawosaurian Voters, and most of these voters for Abooksigun has said that they don't want a woman so vote for a man, and then demand for a referendum once he wins and vote on the referendum, denying Abooksigun the right to claim power, and then move on the next Monarch Election.

Abooksigun lost the 2016 Monarch Election and was demanded to leave Chawosauria and never visit again.

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