Malina Lusa Parker

On January 13, 2017, instead of attending the Funeral of Former Monarch, Abooksigun Eluwilussit, the Chawosaurian Parliament and Senate send votes to the Chawosaurian Judiciary Committee to suspend her ability to rule Chawosauria due to her advocacy for the introduction and passing of the Religious Freedom Amendment.

Malina Parker was turned on by both the Chawosaurian People with approval rate down at 3% approval and the Chawosaurian Parliament taking away her right to rule the nation and people through the Chawosaurian Judiciary Committee.

By March 18, 2017, the Chawosaurian Judiciary Committee will vote on rather or not to suspend her ability to rule Chawosauria and will also vote to remove her from power by May 3, 2017.

Background Edit

Religious Freedom Amendment Edit

Malina Parker's advocacy for the Introduction of the Religious Freedom Amendment led to the desire of the Chawosaurian Judiciary Committee and the Chawosaurian Department of Law and Order and the Chawosaurian Department of Justice to condemn Malina for trying to "Abolish Law and Order" and decided that she is "too dangerous for law and order" that the Chawosaurian Parliament decided to Suspend her ability to lead Chawosauria and expel her from power in deposition.

"Introduction of Annoyance" Edit

Unanimous Agencies of the Chawosaurian Government calls the Religious Freedom Amendment as the "Introduction of Annoyance" and a "Disgrace against Chawosaurian Nationalism". Chawosaurian Society widely considers Advocacy for Religious Freedom as it is "Annoying" and "Anarchism", "too anti-government". and too "anti-law & order". Anarchism is widely not tolerated by Chawosaurian Society because of strong beliefs in Social Order.

Chawosaurian Royal Ministry Edit

The Chawosaurian Royal Ministry believed that it was a mistake to allow Malina to win the election and they thought they should'if allowed Abooksigun to take a second term despite he would'if still died during that second term anyway in 2017, just the situation would'if been different.