Chawosaurian Society does not currently tolerate Interracial Couples getting married, having sex, and also, having children, because they're all considered "Unnatural Crimes against Chawosauria", Miscegenation is so widely viewed as filthy and wrong and a disgrace against the Chawosaurian Heritage, Interracial Marriage is widely viewed by Chawosaurian Society as "Filthy & Disgusting", as Chawosauria shames Interracial Couples in the United States for marriage and creating a family, Major Chawosaurian Characters, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii, Adsila Ahyoka and Abooksigun Eluwilussit are not in favor of Intermarriages, but opposes them.

Head to Head Major Character, Timothy Max Roosevelt, had a hatred against Interracial Couples completely and he criminalized Miscegenation with Capital Punishment because he viewed them as "Horrible", "Wrong", "Disgraceful" and "Impossible to Forgive".

Chawosaurian Society has the similar hatred against Interracial Couples Timothy had when he was alive and in power, a survey was taken on July 11, 2016 to July 26, 2016, were taken on Interracial Marriages, 100% of Chawosaurians disapproved Interracial Marriage and 0% of Chawosaurians approved Interracial Marriages.

Miscegenation is sexual activity between a couple from two different races.

History Edit

During the time of the Ancient Chawalliankalitans, Miscegenation and Interracial Marriages were widely considered as sinful and imposed by the Death Penalty in the Ancient Chawosaurian Religion and was even illegal in the Ancient Chawalliankalitan Empires from the Ancient Times to 2016 (Modern Year), Miscegenation was questioned negatively and hatefully by the Chawalliankalitans and after the Dissolution of the Last Chawalliankalitan Empire, the Chawosaurians kept their Anti-Miscegenation Laws, one of Chawosauria's most oldest laws that would last until the year 2016.

Timothy Max Roosevelt Era Edit

Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt punished those who committed Miscegenation with Capital Punishment, Miscegenation and Race Mixing were serious capital crimes in the Imperial Chawallian Empire and were even socially unacceptable, Racial Segregation had and still has today, exist in Chawosauria.

Race Mixing is still a serious capital crime, Racial Segregation in all, Bathrooms, Schools, Everywhere in Chawosauria (Chawosauria-Wide).

Revolution Era Edit

Racial Segregation Laws still exist in Chawosauria, in the middle of the Revolution Era, Miscegenation was Legalized from January to April of 2016, but Racial Segregation and Anti-Interracial Marriage Laws still exist in Chawosauria, and Racial Discrimination dominates Chawosaurian Society for Millions of Years.

Interracial Marriage Referendum Edit

By January 17, 2017, if approved by the Chawosaurian People, Chawosauria may start legalizing Interracial Marriages.

On July 11, 2016 to December 4, 2016, the Chawosaurian People would vote on a Referendum that asks for the Support for the Legalization of Interracial Marriage, Abooksigun Eluwilussit, Adsila Ahyoka and Timothy Max Roosevelt ii vetoed against the Referendum Approvals on July 12, 2016.

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