Political Alignment of Chawosauria

Map of the Millennial Firewall in blue.

The Millennial Firewall (sometimes spelled "Fire Wall") is a Geopolitical Demographic and Political Region that emerged between 2009 to 2018. The region only exists in Chawosauria and other Posthuman Worlds. It is possible it would exist in the Human World. The reason of the region's name is that Millennials are heavily dominant in this region, while the non-Millennial Fire Wall is called the Soviet Fire Wall, a region dominated by the Timothian Generations. The Millennial Fire Wall is the most Liberal base in Posthuman Politics that Posthuman Liberals can take advantage of, Communism and Socialism are dominant in the Posthuman Worlds with a smaller minority of Conservatism while the Human World has both Liberals and Conservatives dominating their politics. The Chawosaurians have influenced Communism in the Posthuman World, Posthuman Millennials have been coming to power, especially Chawosauria, and passed many Liberal Policies despite ineffective retaliation from Communists, Conservatives, and anyone who opposes these policies. The "Millennial Affect" is the Growth and Rise of Millennials in the Posthuman Universe including Chawosauria. The Millennial Affect is the Rise of Millennials between 2007 to present.