2017 Chawosaurian Special Election

Results of the 2017 Special Election.

2018 Religious Freedom vs State Atheist Laws of Chawosauria

Religious Freedom vs State Atheist Provincial Laws of Chawosauria as of January 1, 2018.

In Chawosaurian Politics, Millennial Chawosauria (also known as Liberal Chawosauria or Progressive Chawosauria) is a Political Alignment Area or Voting Bloc and a Political Region dominant by Chawosaurian Millennials, the region was apart of the Voting and Political Coalition of the Chawallian Communist Party between 1976 to 2017. The Region is located in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, the Pacific Ocean, South Africa, and the former Soviet Union.

It is called the Millennial Chawosauria Political Region is because of the Millennial Chawosaurians. Millennial Chawosaurians are tent to be more Socially and Culturally Liberal. They shaped the outcome of the 2017 Special Election, gave DKA the extended monarchical term and created the birth of Progressive Chawosauria.

However, Millennial Chawosaurians are not yet the majority of the Chawosaurian Population yet as of 2018. The Timothian Generations still have some influence in Chawosaurian Politics. The Chawosaurian Politicians in the Left-Wing Spectrum will likely to take advantage of the Millennial Chawosaurians to implement their Progressive Policies and pull Chawosauria back to the traditional Left-Wing away from the Far-Left.

The Millennial Belt Edit

Millennial Belt

Nations in Red are Nations where the Millennial Population in Chawosauria are Massive.

The Millennial Belt (also called the Progressive Belt, the Liberal Belt, the Left-Wing Belt, and the Red Belt, the Millennial Fire Wall) was formed in 2017, the nations in Chawosauria that outlawed State Atheism and voted for Degotoga K. Atagulkalu in the 2017 Special Election showed their Liberal Approach.