The Military Quartering and Quarter Taxation Act of 2018 is a Chawosaurian Military Order and Tax on Individuals who had to allow Soldiers to quarter their residences. One of DKA's most unpopular military moves as Emperor since Santiago's moves to veto the World Wars GW-SOEDs during the two World Wars between 1914 to 1945. It became effective on January 24, 2018.

This initiative led to Sexual Interactions between Civilians and Military Personnel in Chawosauria.

Background Edit

The Chawosaurian Government was running out of financial resources to pay for the Chawosaurian Civil War, after suffering from demoralizing defeats to the Christian Theocrats as the war progresses. DKA demanded to increase his military budget, so he ordered the Chawosaurian People to quarter soldiers in their homes without their consent and then impose a tax on those quarterings on (not the soldiers) the people.