In Chawosauria, the McClellan Family are a Scottish-American aristocratic family that resides in the United States. It is not yet known when this family was founded, but the family was founded at the Highlands of Scotland

This family was brought into full prominence in Chawosauria by Theodore McClellan, the former Prime Minister of Chawosauria between January 1, 1920, to December 31, 1929. As a result of the strong friendship between Garfield Webster and Theodore McClellan, the McClellans intermarried with the Webster family after World War II through the marriage of Garfield Lucas Webster II, the eldest child of Garfield Webster, and Eleanora McClellan, the granddaughter of Theodore McClellan to honor the friendship between Garfield Webster and Theodore McClellan.  

Like the Webster family, the McClellans were Republicans, but the family had their own rift with the party's emerging Conservative faction, but the realignment of the McClellans from Republican to Democratic was more modest than that of the Websters. In 2016, with the election of Donald Trump, the Republicans of the McClellan family became Independents, and some McClellan Democrats became Republicans. The partisan allegiance of the McClellan family is conflicting, but there are more McClellan Democrats than McClellan Republicans.