The Marriage Insurance Act of 1943 is a Chawosaurian Federal Law requiring any couple who is married on behalf of the Chawosaurian Government must be provided Marriage Insurance by the Marriage Insurance Administration in order to support one's spouse. It was passed by the Santiago Monarchy in response to the Great Depression that was destroying Chawosauria. When Chawosauria fell into a Recession in 1945, Marriage Insurance became unpopular for a decade, in 1957, Marriage Insurance, due to Chawosauria's isolation from war, has helped over 65,676,454 married couples nationwide in Chawosauria, the number grew during the Timothy Max Roosevelt Administration, from 65 Million to 365,654,443 couples covered under the Marriage Insurance Act.

Comes with a Tax in order for the Chawosaurian Government to hand Marriage Checks to married couples, Marriage Insurance gives the most Marriage Checks to low income Married Couples due to their economic situation. Wealthy Chawosaurians don't need Marriage Insurance because they're already rich, and they have to pay Marriage Taxes in order for the Chawosaurian Government to economically provide for married couples who are low income or of the middle class.

This Legislative Order also accidentally legalized same-sex marriage by not providing a definition of marriage, accidentally repealing Section 5 of Class G Laws.

History Edit

The Great Depression has hit Married Couples so hard, Progressive Chawosaurians demanded the Santiago Monarchy to take action, Emperor Santiago had agreed to do so, Santiago asked Progressive Senator, Jose Rousseff Parker of Costa Rica to introduce legislation to provide for Married Couples suffering under the Depression, Jose came up with the Marriage Insurance Act, a government program that helps low income married couples.

On October 26, 1943, Jose finally introduced it to the Chawosaurian Parliament, the House passed it unanimously surprisingly on June 24, 1944. Passed the Senate on August 3, 1944, without a single Conservative vote. It was signed into law on October 26, 1944, on the first anniversary of this legislation's introduction, and it entered into effect on January 1, 1945.

Marriage Taxes and Checks Edit

Marriage Insurance, like any insurance, comes with a Tax, unmarried couples, wealthy Chawosaurians pay those Marriage Taxes for the Chawosaurian Government to fund the Marriage Insurance Administration to give Married Couples who are low income a Marriage Check.

In 1967, the Chawosaurian Parliament passed an Amendment that required Low Income Unmarried Couples and other Low Income Folks no longer having to pay Taxes period, the Chawosaurian Parliament abolished all taxes required tobe paid by the poor with the Taxation Reform Act of 1967, as of 2017, the only people to have to pay Marriage Taxes are the Top 1% (the wealthy) regardless of Marital Statuses. When Chawosauria legalized same-sex marriages in the 1940s to the 2010s, both Marriage Taxes and Checks on Heterosexuals decreased because if Homosexuals are to marry, they'll have to pay Marriage Taxes (if they're rich) and collect Marriage Checks as well (if they're low income).

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