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Maronardo the Great (981-1088 CE) was the 67th Chawosaurian Monarch and creator of the Fourth Monarchical Era. Maronardo was the wise and pro-social justice emperor, he supported Environmental Protection and was also a religious leader as the philosopher of Chawalliankalitanism.

He helped expanded the Chawalliankalitan Empire and defeated the Vikings and made peace with the Vikings with offered gifts and honor, which has added to his legacy. Maronardo was born to the Mi'kmaq People and the Vikings but with a mother who was Mi'kmaq and a father who was Viking, with the Nordic Language widespread into Chawalliankalitan Territory with the Inuit Language, Maronardo brought Language Diversity with Inuit, Nordic, and Mi'kmaq. The first monarch to have traveled to Europe in Scandinavia, he was a part of the Viking Crew, and betrayed his Viking men by converting to the Chawalliankalitan Religion from the Nordic Religions of Paganism. Maronardo brought Religious Diversity as well, Paganism became more popular in Chawalliankalita with the Chawalliankalitanism, also a Pagan Religion.

During his reign, Chawalliankalita became more Liberal, more Diverse, and more Equal. Environmental Protection became so much more popular and Immigrants were allowed from Nordic Europe.

After his death in 1088, his legacy widespread, but people today would mistake him as Santa Clause, but he was the Santa Clause of Chawosauria, but he is less remembered in Chawosauria because Chawosauria became more Communist throughout the 20th Century.