Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson (January 3, 1860-January 24, 1965) (Known by his initials as MLW) was the second Prime Minister of the Empire of Chawosauria from January 1, 1900, to December 31, 1909. Wilson was a Scottish Nationalist who favors Scottish Independence.

Wilson was born to the Wilson family, a Scottish Aristocratic Family. Wilson, a Conservative, won a legislative election in Scotland. He was appointed by Emperor Santiago to serve him as Prime Minister.

As Prime Minister, he was the leader of the Conservatives in the Chawopolis Palace. He passed many Conservative policies, and supported Santiago.

Wilson's eternal fall from grace started in the 1905 legislative elections, he lost 313 seats, resulting in a hung parliament, and in the 1906 U.K. general election, Wilson's Conservative Party got crushed by the U.K. Liberal Party in one of Britain's greatest landslides in British political history, even Wilson's birth land, Scotland, was swept by the Liberals, and Wilson became widely unpopular after this.

Early Life Edit

Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson was born on January 3, 1860, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, to James Lyons Wilson II, and Sara Leigh MacKenzie, James L. Wilson II was a partner of James Bryan, the grandfather of Grover Bryan.

At the age of 14, Wilson inherited his father's affiliation with the Conservative Party, Wilson's father voted in the 1874 U.K. General Election, for the Conservatives led by Benjamin Disraeli, one of Britain's Prime Ministers.

In his time in Oxford College, Wilson was friends with two Exchange Students from the United States, Theodore McClellan, and Garfield Lucas Webster, and like Wilson, they're both future Prime Ministers of Chawosauria under Emperor Santiago, who all three of them never liked when they were serving him one at a time.

In terms of politics, McClellan and Webster were both Republicans, McClellan and Webster, who both of them grew up in the Northeastern United States, living in elitist aristocratic childhoods, influenced Wilson to support Racial Equality, Progressivism, and Non-Interventionism. Both McClellan and Webster will go on to die two years apart in Alaska.