"The MacLiuthar Family are a White Christian family that embraces our Celtic heritage. We do not accept those of non-white, non-christian heritage, we will keep our race and religion pure"
—Jonathan Lothian MacLiuthar Snr
Jonathan Lothian MacLiuthar VI: "My ancestors took their Celtic heritage seriously, they married their cousins and inbreed children, and once my dad married into the Boleslaws, a family of Orthodox Christians and Polish Jewish heritage, married my mom's distant cousin first, and then my mom, my father was scorned by the White Supremacists in my paternal family"
Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck XXVIII: "I knew there are Jews in the Boleslaw family"
— Jonathan MacLiuthar VI discussing his family's heritage and consanguinity with Jonathan Bismarck XXVIII

The MacLiuthar Family is the Scottish-Irish aristocratic family in Chawosauria originated from Scotland and Ireland and live around the Atlantic coasts of both Canada and the United States.