In Chawosauria, the MacAlasdair Family are a predominately Scottish and Irish Canadian aristocratic family that resides predominately in Atlantic Canada.

The MacAlasdairs originated from Scotland (and possibly Ireland), their main religion is Presbyterianism, and unlike their cousined family, the MacCarthy family, the MacAlasdairs do not live in the United States. This family was brought into prominence to Chawosauria by Jonathan Déaglán MacAlasdair, the man who served time in the Chawopolis Palace who gained prominence for his special counsel investigation into Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII's role in the Siege of Lièvremont Manor, MacAlasdair's investigation was a success, despite fierce resistance from Bismarck and his office. The Palace refused to impeach Bismarck due to fears that it could lead to widespread political apathy in voting activity if they do so.  

The MacAlasdairs were very well responsible for the defeat of the Chawalliankalitan Empire in the First Brutal War under the leadership of James MacAlasdair, and the MacAlasdairs were accepted by the Chawosaurians either way. The MacAlasdairs were loyal to the Christian Crusaders until the family began to turn Progressive in World War II and started to oppose the Christian Crusaders and support the Chawosaurians' resistance to Christianization.  

The MacAlasdairs are allies with the MacCarthy family, sometimes with the Bolesław family if necessary, the McGettigans, and other Chawo-Scotch-Irish families. The MacAlasdairs are enemies with the Bismarcks because of the Bismarcks' inbreeding, white supremacy, and xenophobia. The MacAlasdairs are one of the fewer aristocratic families in Chawosauria who do not tent to inbreed often or simply don't inbreed at all, thus making them one of Chawosauria's least inbred aristocratic families like the McGettigans, the MacLochanns, making the MacAlasdairs intellectually superior than the Bismarcks.  

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