The Long Island Tailgate Scandal was a 2006 Sex Scandal that took place in Long Island somewhere in the woods. A Minor Scandal, not very controversial, little media attention.

Background Edit

Preparation for a Football Game, the players in the woods with a Pickup Truck. It was set up by Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, who was Student President at the time. It was meant for a Bonfire, where Montgomery would speak for the group of teammates. As the evening comes, they were busted by law enforcement and arrested for Sex in publicity. The report was received by Montgomery and sent by him to the Principal.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII's Embarrassment Edit

Montgomery was the first to be notified of the sexual situation, law enforcement reported to Montgomery that his planned Bonfire was interrupted by law enforcement because the teammates were having a sexual activity in the woods where someone else could see them, the Ranger was the reporter of the incident.

Montgomery was the first to notify the principal and the principal was stunned and were angry at Montgomery for this Bonfire, embarrassed his whole School District, the blame was on Montgomery, Montgomery's pastor from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America from Region 7 of the ELCA Provinces was arrested in Los Vegas for Prostitution, after hypocritically preaching against Prostitution and Montgomery having a write a report on it of why it is a sin for his Sunday Bible Class, this was used against Montgomery by his political opponents in the 2007 Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election, hoping this cripple Montgomery's Electoral Chances, but the efforts were unsuccessful and Montgomery was any way swept to power in a popular vote landslide and a delegate unanimity, winning Chawosauria's second largest landslide victory by size, 3rd largest landslide victory by both size and election season, surpassing the 1996 Comrade Election as such, and winning Chawosauria's very first Mandatory Delegate Unanimity and tied with his mother in both the 1992 and 1996 Comrade Elections by Landmass.