Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII

Johnathan Montgomery is one of Chawosauria's most corrupt politicians.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII is widely known in Chawosauria to have many Political Scandals while in Political Power, most of the Scandals were Sex Scandals, like the Porngate Scandal from 2008 while serving in the Student Council, while serving in the Chawosaurian Intercircle, he caused the beginning of the Montgomery Scandal, which Chawosauria was very unresponsive to until the end of the Religious Freedom Issue.

List of Comrade Presidential Scandals Edit

Scandal Topic Date Result
Leftgate Purging Political Opponents 2008 none
Browsergate Internet Misconduct 2008-2009 Removal from Office
Judy Blair Scandal Sex scandal 2008 none
Castro scandal Sex scandal 2008 none
Jane Wolff scandal Sex scandal 2008 none
Judy Blair scandal 2.0 Sex scandal 2018 none
Religious Affiliation scandal (JesusGate) Religious Affiliation 2018 TBD

List of Post-Presidency Scandals Edit

  1. Koreagate Scandal - Sex scandal
  2. Chinagate Scandal - Sex scandal
  3. Russiagate Scandal - Sex scandal
  4. Hawaiigate Scandal - Sex scandal
  5. Canberra Scandal - Sex scandal

List of Scandals from the Chawosaurian European Parliament Edit

  1. Sebastian Vasily Alexandria Assassination (2017)
  2. Bear Scare

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