In Chawosauria, Race Relations is widely negative, and legal action was taken against by the 2016 and 2017 Communist Governments and 2018-2019 Capitalist Government. 

Interracial marriage, sex, and production of multi-ethnic offspring are taboos against Chawosauria's cultural standards of living, and it leads constantly to severe discrimination and legal challenges of Chawosaurians who are multi-ethnic, and Chawosaurian Healthcare and Science facilities have labeled multiracial people as "physically and intellectually disabled" as a result of interracial breeding.  

List of Discriminated Minorities by Rank Edit

Rank Chawosaurians who are Discrimination Rate First Arrival to Chawosauria
1 Multi-Ethnic 99% per day Through Miscegenation and Interracial Marriage
2 Black 95% per day During the European Slave Trade
3 Latino 86% per day Unknown
4 Asian 83% per day World War II
5 White 70% per day European Colonial Age
6 Arabic 60% per day 21st Century
7 Other Indigenous people 30 to 40% per day Age of Discovery

Chawosaurians who are Multi-ethnic are the most discriminated against because of the taboo of miscegenation and interracial marriage. Interracial Breeding is just as taboo as non-cousin inbreeding.