Chawosauria doesn't allow religion, but do have religious and secular characters, however, Chawosaurian Governments refused to accept these characters of Religious Affiliations.

List of Secular Chawosaurians Edit

  1. Timothy Max Roosevelt- Dictator of Chawosauria
  2. Timothy Max Roosevelt ii- Dictator of Western Chawosauria
  3. Elizabeth Mary Alexandria- Wife of Timothy Max Roosevelt, mother of Timothy Max Roosevelt ii
  4. Shannon Diana Roosevelt- Daughter of Timothy Max Roosevelt & Elizabeth Mary Alexandria
  5. Jennifer Roosevelt- Daughter of Timothy Max Roosevelt & Elizabeth Mary Alexandria
  6. Canonicus Roosevelt- Grandson of Timothy Max Roosevelt
  7. Jonathan Roosevelt- Son of Timothy Max Roosevelt & Elizabeth Mary Alexandria
  8. Jonathan Antonio Beshiltheeni- Timothy Max Roosevelt's Older Brother
  9. Jonathan Santiago- General Secretary of the Chawosaurian Nations
  10. Sharron Lawson- Chief Justice of the Continent Union (Chawosauria)
  11. Antonio Kingston- One of Chawosauria's Monarchs, Successor of Timothy Max Roosevelt
  12. Kamehameha Montgomery- Sharron Lincoln's son-in-law
  13. Wawetseka Eluwilussit- Abooksigun Eluwilussit's Daughter
  14. Jacob Olsen (Timothist)
  15. Sydney Mort Patrick- Chawosaurian President
  16. Charles Patrick- Timothy Max Roosevelt's enemy, Sydney Mort Patrick's brother
  17. Chaska Dakota
  18. Cosgrove Roosevelt
  19. Cosgrove Roosevelt II

List of Christian Chawosaurians Edit

  1. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII- Chawosaurian Lordmaster
  2. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery V- Chawosaurian Oligarch
  3. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery III (Formerly)
  4. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery IV- Timothy Max Roosevelt's younger brother
  5. Samantha Amanda Montgomery- Timothy Max Roosevelt's younger sister
  6. Jonathan Bismarck- Victim of Chawosauria's Antireligious laws
  7. Nittawosew Eluwilussit- Daughter of Abooksigun Eluwilussit & Adsila Ahyoka
  8. Stacy Powell- Victim of Chawosauria's Antireligious Laws
  9. Jacob Powell- Victim of Chawosauria's Antireligious Laws and Capital Punishment
  10. Christine Lincoln- Timothy Max Roosevelt's mother
  11. Christina Lincoln- Timothy Max Roosevelt's grandmother
  12. Christine Latimore- Daughter of Sharron Lincoln and Niece of Timothy Max Roosevelt
  13. Sequoia Reagan- Adsila Ahyoka's younger sister
  14. Jacob Webb- plaintiff of Webb v. Olsen
  15. Charles B. Forrest- Chawosaurian General
  16. Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck- Slavican Ruler
  17. Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck
  18. Jacob Oakley- Chawosaurian Comrade Cadet
  19. Jacqueline Maria Theresa Montgomery- Chawosaurian Lordmistress
  20. Charlemagne Sebastian Lyons-Montgomery
  21. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Lyons-Montgomery
  22. Charlemagne Sebastian Lyons-Montgomery II
  23. Elagabalus Saint Nicholas Lyons-Montgomery
  24. Cosgrove Sidney Kingston
  25. Wolfgang Ludwig Bismarck
  26. Jacqueline Eleanora Montgomery
  27. Jonathan Schwartz
  28. Leonardo Schwartz Bismarck
  29. Jake Blair
  30. Alf Blair
  31. Sidney Tucker
  32. Charlie McCarthy

List of Jewish Chawosaurians Edit

  1. Victoria Lawson- Victim of Chawosauria's Antireligious Laws
  2. Dragomir Bismarck- Garrett Bailey's character from Wattpad story, Bismarck's German Castle

List of Muslim Chawosaurians Edit

  1. Joseph Lopez- One of Chawosauria's Monarchs
  2. Abdalmalek Muhammad
  3. Abdalmalek Muhammad II

List of Indigenous Faith Chawosaurians Edit

  1. Abooksigun Eluwilussit- King-Emperor of the Continent Union
  2. Adsila Ahyoka- Abooksigun Eluwilussit's wife, Queen-Empress of the Continent Union
  3. Degotoga Atagulkalu- Twin Sister of Adsila Ahyoka, Abooksigun Eluwilussit's Brother-in-law
  4. Sequoyah Bisahalani- Adsila Ahyoka and Degotoga Atagulkalu's cousin
  5. Johnathan Saint Montgomery- Last Chawalliankalitan Monarch, First Modern Chawosaurian Monarch.

List of Buddhist Chawosaurians Edit

  1. Juneau Webster's wife

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