LGBT Pride

The Rainbow Flag is the mainstream symbol of the LGBT Community worldwide.

There are Chawosaurians who are and were alleged to have been Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual. Allegations of Transgenderism is not found.

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Chawosaurians who are assumed of being LGBTQ+ are listed. Most prominently Garfield Lucas Webster, Theodore McClellan, Timothy Max Roosevelt, and more. Garfield Webster was raised in an environment that taught that homosexuality was "an act of rebellion" against God, and Garfield Webster passed that teaching down to his three children, but Webster was assumed to be either gay or bisexual, yet no evidence was ever found. Theodore McClellan was raised in the same environment and he passed that philosophy down to his son, yet he was assumed to be gay or bisexual. Timothy Max Roosevelt was raised in the same environment, but never passed this conservative philosophy down to his children, yet he was assumed to be LGBT.

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