In Chawosaurian Paganism, a Lily Ritual, (also known as a Blossom Ritual or Flower Ritual) is an ancient Chawosaurian funeral ritual on which mourners gather around either a pond or a lake, where a candlestick is placed on the stigma of an oversized flower, popularly a water lily, place it on the lake or pond for it to float, and the mourners, rather the candle-flower is placed on the water, release their butterflies by hand and allow them to fly away. It is a funeral ritual to mourn for the passing of a loved-one, this ritual is harmless and a person can do it alone if choose to.

History Edit

The first flower ritual was performed upon the death of the first Emperor of Chawosauria, Chawalliankalita, in 2552 BCE. Flower rituals had been performed since then.

Instructions Edit

  1. Grab a small-size candlestick, a lighter, and an oversize flower plant.
  2. Find a pond or lake.
  3. Catch a Butterfly (or Firefly if suits you) and place your flying insect in a jar.
  4. If you want to hold your flying insect, wear gloves for safety.
  5. Make sure it is nightfall.
  6. Light your candle and face it on the water.
  7. Release your flying insect and let it fly away.
  8. Pray to the deity you believe in first.
  9. Pray to the loved-one last.
  10. When night comes, leave your post.

Items deemed unnecessary for this ritual Edit

  1. A Ouija board.
  2. Any device that contacts with the dead.
  3. Anything related to dark magic.

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