Leonardo Draco Parker (b. January 3, 1890) was a Chawosaurian Statesman, known for his Progressive Beliefs and Actions, he is now retired since 1965.

A Democrat, running a Progressive Platform in favor of Social Security, Glass-Steagle, Desegregation, Civil Rights, Peace and Isolationism, Medicare for all. Ran in the Chawosaurian Senate, House, and Social and Health Commission.

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1890. Had a more happy life, a well Childhood, and a loving and caring family, a married a friend he knew since infancy, Mary Adams, had one son, Wyatt Parker, and retired in 1965 and moved to Tokyo.

Early Life and Career Edit

Leonardo Draco Parker was born on January 3, 1890, in Denver, Colorado. Born to a wealthy couple, Delano, and Sara. He was well educated and in an early age, inspired and interested in Politics. In 1900, Leonardo endorsed William Jennings Bryan, but when losing the election to President, McKinley, Leonardo still had faith in WJB and the Democratic Party. In 1904, Leonardo endorsed Teddy Roosevelt for president and won the presidential election in 1904. In 1908, Leonardo endorsed once again, William Jennings Bryan, but lost in his third round to William Howard Taft. In 1912, Leonardo fell under a dispute between Teddy Roosevelt of the Progressive Party, and Woodrow Wilson of the Democratic Party, Wilson won the presidential election in a landslide and Leonardo congratulated Wilson. Between 1920 to 1928, Leonardo hated the Republicans until 1932, FDR won.

Entrance into Politics Edit

Leonardo entered Politics in 1910, after being elected to Chawosauria's then Democratic Government in 1909 under Jonathan Santiago.

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