Anti-Leafian Poster

An Anti-Catholic Poster warning Chawosaurians about "the Dangers of Catholics"

In Chawosaurian Society, the term Leafian is an Anti-Christian Slur used referred to Catholics. In Chawosauria, where Catholics are extremely rare in Chawosaurian Society due to Incredibly High Rates of Discrimination and Persecution much higher than Protestants.

Chawosaurian Catholics face Mental and Physical Abuse from Chawosaurian Society, Catholics face even worse abuse from Law Enforcement. Chawosauria passed laws against Marriage and Sex with Catholics, Marriage between Catholics is strictly prohibited under Chawosaurian Law.

Anti-Catholic Bashing is much and widely severe, in Chawosaurian Society, Catholicism is a Major Social Taboo than Protestantism. Hatred and Violence against Chawosaurian Catholics are widely encouraged to children by parents, teachers, peers and other elders.

Chawosaurian Catholics also face the exact similar harassment and backwarded attitudes from other Chawosaurian Christians and the rest of the Chawosaurian Religious and Counterculture Communities.